True courage

For 22 years she has been fighting against a succession of malignant tumours, with a profound but casual resilience that she refuses to call “courage”. She has remained upbeat and positive for her own sake and for her son, who is still in his teens, and a credit to his upbringing. In August she carried the Olympic torch, shortly before enduring another round of aggressive therapy and invasive surgery. She distances herself from all negatives; there is no self-pity, complaints or anger visible, despite no fewer than 10 dread diagnoses down the years. Where the smaller lives of others might be concerned with self and the material comforts around them, she has applied a different set of values. I am very proud of my cousin, Bev, and wish her many more good years free from pain and illness. She is without doubt an inspiring example to anyone whose life has become focused on self and on trivia.

By pgstips